It all started in 1987 when I got my first job as a programmer.  I rode that wave for the next 15 years, mostly as a self-employed freelancer.  Around about 1999 I wrote a few books for Sams Publishing’s “Unleashed” series — maybe some of you coders even had one on your shelf at some point in time.  I pretty much burned out on programming when it became tedious, though I still develop my own stuff whenever the mood strikes.

I’ve been in the Internet Marketing game for quite some time now.  I’ve made my share of mistakes and lost a bundle, but luckily that’s been overshadowed by my gains.  Over the last 10 years or so, I’ve had my hand in just about every aspect of IM:  PPC, PPV, CPA, infoproducts, article marketing, domaining, blogging, etc.  Still, I’m always learning and looking for the Next Big Thing.

Listen to what I have to say, or don’t… that’s your choice.  If I can help you along on your quest for riches, then I would consider the time I spent on this blog time well spent.

There’s more than enough money out there for all of us, so what say we go out and get us some?

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