What Is the Commercial Intent of Your Keywords?

In my previous post I talked about the monetization potential of a domain name; that is, envisioning how one could develop a domain for the purpose of creating a revenue stream. I’d like to follow up that discussion with a similar concept: commercial intent, or CI for short.

Commercial intent refers to the probability that a given keyword phrase would be used by someone looking to make a purchase. In other words, if a person was to do an online search for that keyword phrase, what would be the likelihood that they are ready to buy right now? How far along are they in the sales process?

Consider the following keyword phrase:  anti virus software. This phrase has a fairly high CI because there is a very good chance that anyone doing a search for “anti virus software” is intending to make a purchase. It’s also possible that they are still just researching their options and do not intend on buying right away.

Now let’s change the phrase slightly and add the word “free”:  free anti virus software. While the searcher may still be interested in spending money should the right offer be presented to him, the commercial intent is lower. There is still a decent chance of a sale being made, however, because that the person likely has an immediate problem that needs to be solved and may be willing to purchase software if a suitable free solution is not found. Or they may try a free trial and later upgrade to the full version.

Next, we’ll try another variation on the phrase:  mcafee anti virus software. Now the searcher is looking for a particular brand name. They are probably past the research stage and have selected the package they would like to buy. Therefore, the CI for this keyword phrase is extremely high.

You should always consider commercial intent when researching keywords to target or domain names to register. But how can you tell what this number is?

Luckily, Microsoft’s adCenter Labs has made available a very useful tool for detecting commercial intent of keywords. To use it, just enter in your keyword phrase, select the Query radio button, and click on Go.

Commercial Intent

Microsoft's free Commercial Intent tool

You’ll be given a decimal number from 0 to 1. The higher the number, the higher the commercial intent for the given keywords.

Like any automated tool, its accuracy rate is open for debate. But it can still give you a good general idea of what your keywords’ CI might be.

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